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Rank Department
Clarence Calder PROFESSOR Ed Curriculum and Instruction
Deborah Calloway PROFESSOR Law Instruction and Research
David Camaione PROFESSOR Kinesiology
George Campbell PROFESSOR English
Wesley Cann PROFESSOR Marketing
Marie Cantino UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Alex Cardoni ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Pharmacy Practice
Claudia Carello PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
Vincent Carrafiello PROFESSOR Marketing
Brice Cassenti UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Roger Chaffin PROFESSOR CLAS Regional Greater Hartford
Norman Chance PROFESSOR Anthropology
Dennis Chapron Associate Professor 11 Mo Pharmacy Practice
Ann Charters PROFESSOR English
Robin Chazdon UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Thomas Chen PROFESSOR Molecular and Cell Biology
Peter Cheo PROFESSOR Electrical and Computer Engr
Alpha Chiang PROFESSOR Economics
Peggy Chinn PROFESSOR Nursing Instruct and Research
Jack Chinsky PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
Olga Church PROFESSOR Nursing Instruct and Research
Antonio Cirurgiao PROFESSOR Lit, Cultures and Languages
Daniel Civco UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
Philip Clapp PROFESSOR Material Science and Engr
Austen Clark UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
George Clark PROFESSOR Ecology and Evolutionary Bio
Richard Clark PROFESSOR Nutritional Sciences
Mary Jane Cleare Extension Professor Public Engagement
Marion Cohen PROFESSOR Communication
Steven Cohen PROFESSOR Pharmaceutical Science
George Coleman Associate Professor in Res Social Work
Marga Coler PROFESSOR Nursing
Christopher Collier PROFESSOR History
Robert Colwell DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR Ecology and Evolutionary Bio
Joseph Comprone UConn Faculty/Staff UCONN
John Conklin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
H Scott Cook PROFESSOR Anthropology
John Cooke PROFESSOR Ecology and Evolutionary Bio
Ronald Coons PROFESSOR History
David Corsini ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Human Dev and Family Studies
Arthur Cosmas ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Kinesiology
Ronald Cotterill PROFESSOR Agricultural and Resource Econ
Robert Coughlin PROFESSOR Chem and Biomolecular Engr
David Cournoyer Assoc Dean & Assoc Professor Social Work Instruct and Rsrch
John Craig PROFESSOR Art and Art History
Mary Crawford PROFESSOR Psychological Sciences
Lucy Creevey PROFESSOR Tor Instruct and Research
Laura Crow PROFESSOR Dramatic Arts
William Curtin ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR English
Michael Cutlip PROFESSOR Chem and Biomolecular Engr
Cheryl Czuba EXTENSION EDUCATOR Dept of Extension Middlesex
Steven Cunningham ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Economics